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Sour Solution and the Sour Team

Sour Solution is a skateboarding company based in Barcelona, with strong roots in Sweden. They have gained a notable following over the past few years, largely due to The Sour Team, who run the company and design the decks and apparel. The team consists of pros like Erik J Petterson (EJP), Barney Page, Gustav Tønnesen and Albert Nyberg. Their goal is to do everything with a twinkle in the eye and not take themselves too seriously. It really shows in everything they design and produce. Off the cuff, Sour Solution skateboards and original design apparel can be seen in their self-produced videos.

Sour Solution skateboards going their own way

Sour Solution decks are made from 7-layer maple wood and are designed for street skating. Bright colourful tongue-in-cheek designs, many of them making light-hearted fun at institutions or The Sour Team, not afraid of making people laugh. All Sour Solution skateboards come with grip tape and most are screen printed to enjoy a longer life. The designs are unique and varied, guaranteed to make your board stand out. Gustav Tønnesen is the man behind the designs and he is not afraid to be gutsy with his illustrations.

Their t-shirts are of excellent quality. They are a classic round neck, normal fit style, made of 100% cotton. Easy to care for, the prints are of high quality, ensuring your favourite tee stays looking cool and fresh

The entire Sour Solution

Sour Solution cargo pants are perfect to wear with your favourite t-shirt or hoodie. True to size, they are a loose fit and have several pockets. The cuffed waist ensures comfort and a belt can be added. They are made from 100% cotton, so they are breathable and easy to launder.

Skateboarding isn’t a sport, it’s a lifestyle. Your skatewear should reflect your passion, as your skateboard does. There are loads of signature boards up for grabs along with various novel decks. Across the collection, you can expect comfortable colour scales that bring a timeless quality.

Sour Solution and popular culture

There are no rules in skateboarding and Sour Solutions expresses this in their apparel. There are lots of references to popular culture, often shown using unconventional twists in combination with recognisable logos. Their hoodies are a classic, normal fit with kangaroo pockets. Made they are made from 100% cotton or 80% cotton/20% polyester blend with either printed or embroidered designs. The range doesn't stop here, with an exciting variety of sweats, beanies, caps and socks up for grab. They even offer a toothbrush to keep your smile as bright as your gear.

Sour Solutions was born from a belief in individuality and non-conformity. This conviction stands strong throughout the range of skateboards, t-shirts and other skatewear available. Everything you need to get the right and laid-back skate look.

Sour Solutions have the solution

Sour Solution skateboards have been gaining recognition in the last few years. They regularly make videos showing off the Sour Team's skating skills as well as Sour Solution skateboards and apparel. Their video Sour Solutions II was met with worldwide praise and showcased them as one of Europe's key skateboard brands. Creator Gustav Tønnesen both cuts and films all videos himself before they are posted on social media.

With qualities like these, it is no wonder that they have become a force to be reckoned with on the international stage. Shop for your Soul Solutions skateboards and skatewear here at Junkyard now!