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In your element with Smith Optics

In 1965, Dr Bob Smith, an Orthodontist and self-confessed Ski-bum developed his first pair of ski goggles. He sold these from this car at ski resorts on weekends for the next few years before formally establishing Smith Optics in 1989. During this time he had continued to improve on the design and pioneered the Smith Optics goggles Turbo fan constant air management system. This was the first goggle with an active ventilation system. The company is responsible for the development of many “world-firsts” and continues to bring innovation into the world of goggles and helmets.

Smith Optics, Staying Ahead of the Rest

In 2006, Smith Optics made the natural progression into designing and manufacturing helmets. This was achieved by bringing together a ventilated helmet and their goggles. These two active ventilation systems use channels and vents integrated into the helmet design to enhance active and passive airflow to the goggle. This is a tradition which still successfully exists with a Smith Optics helmet. The helmets all incorporate MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection) for maximum protection.

Holt helmets are of a Bombshell construction which uses an injection moulded ABS shell to withstand high-impacts. The MIPS and Northface models are in-Mold construction creates a PC shell helmet with an EPS liner to maximise weight reduction; they are lightweight and comfortable.

Make the Great Days Better

A good pair of glasses are vital on the slopes. Smith Optics glasses have ChromaPop lenses that are protective and offer great colours and contrast. This polarised lens enhances not only your view of the slopes, but can be used in a variety of activities where clear colour vision is needed. ChromaPop technology is used on all their goggles as well.

The brand’s range of goggles is vast, and there's a pair for everyone. You will find designs for men, women and children. They use the Fit system that adjusts to your face for optimum fit and comfort. The I/O designs come with two interchangeable lenses: ChromaPop and Bright Light performance tints.

Smith Optics Helmets are Revolutionising the Game

Smith Optics have made their mark in sporting history with their revolutionary designs and forward thinking. Across the extreme sports world, they have become a go–to for pros and amateurs alike. At Junkyard, you can get your hands on high-performance equipment such a Maze helmet, which sports Airflow Climate Control for adjustable ventilation and Snapfit ear pads. This lightweight helmet allows you to use your audio system to listen to the perfect tunes while conquering the slopes.

This brand hasn’t stopped at offering protection for just skiers. Smith Optics also cater for other sports, such as mountain bikers and skateboard helmets for the kiddies. Their products offer head protection for most extreme sports.

The Path of Innovation

Smith Optics goggles, sunglasses, lenses, and frames have been enhancing athletes' experience of their sport for decades. Smith Optics MAG technology allows skiers to scope the line by using a quick-swap MAG lens system that uses magnets for quick, easy lens changes, offering complete optical clarity for bright and low light conditions. These lenses are also equipped with impact resistance to protect your eyes. The Smith Optics goggles are perfect no matter the weather conditions.

Smith Optics sets the standard for high performance sunglasses, goggles and helmets. Consistently striving to set the industry standards, they continue to raise the bar in style, function and fit. Browse our range of Smith Optics products at Junkyard.