Poetic Collective Clothing

Being a skater means having the clothes to be able to skate with ease. This means not damaging your clothes or having them get stuck on the wheels of your skateboard as you flip through the air practising tricks. Our Poetic Collective pants are a unique design of skater pants. The design style takes the Euro-centric skate culture and embodies it, combining it with street style to generate freedom of expression. Our Poetic Collective t-shirt range has a variety of loose-fitting t-shirts that embodies the contemporary arts and make reference to designs of Professional skaters.

Poetic Collective Pants

In our selection of Poetic Collective pants, the Poetic Collective painter pants are made out of 60% polyester and 40% cotton. This makes them 100% durable should you trip or fall while skating. It has an elastic waist which offers the flexibility of movement and allows you to twist and turn with comfort without any restrictions. These painter pants are designed with a utilitarian design that ensembles the tradition of skater clothing.

Another cool skater item in our clothing range is our caps. These are ideal for long hours in the sun when practicing those skate moves and can even be worn in the rain as they are waterproof.

Other Skater Clothing In The Poetic Collective

Most commonly, t-shirt and painter pants are the ideal outfit when skateboarding. The Poetic Collection has a range of sweaters that are made specifically for being a skater. Our doodle hoodies are very graphic and are made from 100% cotton, making them breathable and ensures that they won't stick to your body when skating for long periods of time.

Chinos might seem like a great style of pants for Hardwear duty, however, our Sculptor pants made from canvas could be another alternative to our Painter pants. These pants have a hammer loop as well as a utility pocket which allows for much more industrial use of the pants.

Poetic Collective Pants

Non-slip boots and sneakers with rubber soles make it easier for skateboarding. These are also protective when jumping off ramps and doing backflips to avoid injury to your feet and ankles. With wide soles, these sneakers help give you more control especially when performing difficult tricks. It makes your landing smoother and gives an advantage overgrip on flat surfaces. The extra padding inside these sneakers gives a comfortable fit as well as preventing blisters and helping ensure stability when skateboarding.

Aside from caps in our collection, we also have beanies. Our Poetic Collective logo beanie is a 100% acrylic single fold beanie. Single fold beanies easily fit under helmets for extra protection.

Why Choose Poetic Collective From Junkyard?

The Poetic Collective t-shirt is but one of the many apparel items we have that caters to both skater heads and the normal working person. As contemporary arts is the main attraction for these graphic tees, anyone can rock the skater look. These clothing pieces are versatile and yet very specific in their purpose. The range covers attire for all seasons to suit all budgets and tastes.

The important thing to note about this collection is that anyone can wear the brand and not just professional skaters. Skateboarding fans can buy into the same clothing line and feel right at home watching their favourite sport.