Honor the gift clothing; never stop working towards greatness

Created by a kid from the Inner City of Los Angeles. Russell Westbrook has created a brand fast making its mark in Streetwear. Honor The Gift is a brand founded on self-belief and dedication to never stop working towards your greatness, no matter the hardship. Their most famous garment is the Honor The Gift hoodie, available in loads of styles. You can find these comfortable hoodies as well as several other garments here on Junkyard. Using sturdy fabrics, these garments express leadership, focus and strength. Functionality, practicality and accessibility are key traits that will make you stand out from the rest.

Honor The Gift combines classic streetwear with fearless style

Honor The Gift takes classic streetwear and adds Westbrook's own all-embracing and fearless style, delivering something for men, and women. If you choose a Honor The Gift Inner City t-shirt, you will get a garment that really stands out, with a focus on quality, purpose and storytelling. This comes out in how they play with colours and patterns. The Honor The Gift t-shirt can be mixed and matched with other garments, developing your own style and individuality in your way.

Built out of respect for where he came from and where anyone can take themselves, these sweaters are inspired by Westbrooks' childhood. They take on the rich textures and novelty knit fabrics to speak to his community through his take on streetwear.

Streetwear with quality, purpose and storytelling

Honor The Gift is a streetwear brand that offers casual and comfortable clothing to fit your personal style. The items stand out with their use of neutral colours and use of patterns. Here on Junkyard, you can create your own style with the items designed to be mixed and matched.

A harsh and unfair environment, but one that develops strength, leadership, focus, and self worth is the inspiration behind many of Honor The Gift t-shirts. Here at Junkyard, you can buy this high quality streetwear and stand out from the crowd.

Honor The Gift for the Inner City

Coming from the inner city of Los Angeles, Westbrook inspires with clothing based on sacrifice, commitment and hardship, which he learned growing up. The modern lines of the items are comfortable and practical while remaining humble and unique. The particular play on colour is neutral and close to nature with some garments sporting patterns. The brand is also about developing your individual style in the best way. The garments can be matched and styled according to your own style.

Honor The Gift offers a variety of t-shirts in various fabrics and designs, intended to stand out and last. They pair wonderfully with the other garments, especially the accessories.

Streetwear with purpose

ussel Westbrook understands the right for quality, purpose and storytelling. He has brought these ideas together in his love for soulful love of streetwear fashion. From the Honor The Gift hoodie to his earthy and offbeat t-shirts and sweaters, the ideas are expressed in unstated character and classic lines. The easy to care for items have something on offer for every type of person, whatever your story.

Show off your individuality and streetwear style by adding Honor The Gift to your collection now. Browse through our selection now and shop for your perfect wardrobe additions.