Frog Skateboards go their own way

Frog Skateboards is a New York City-based company who are proud of bringing an individual flair to skateboarding. From the beginning, they have broken the traditional norms of the skateboarding world. Their new breed of skate brand is playful and unique. Bursting with colour and exclusive designs their skateboard decks are personal and stand out from the crowd. But it doesn't stop with Frog skateboards decks. They also offer clothing and accessories, just as quirky as Frog skateboard decks. Here at Junkyard, you have the opportunity of owning an extraordinary Frog skateboard deck!

Frog Skateboards Collection

They carve a new path and are purveyors of their own style. With modest graphics, they bring an unusual creative edge that is loved by many, the Frog skateboards products stand out from the crowd. Frog skateboards are far from boring and monotonous and this extends to the frog skateboards hoodie, t-shirts and beanies. Their hoodies come in radiant designs. made from 100% cotton, they are easy to care for.

Just as unconventional as the rest of their range, Frogs Skateboard t-shirts are available in many designs, in both long and short-sleeved versions. The Frog crew is doing it their way, with little regard for the modern norms currently found in skateboarding.

Comfortable skateboard shirts

A Frog Skateboards shirt is as far from mainstream as you could expect. The team design their products using MS Paint and Photoshop, which leaves them raw and beautifully unpolished. You can match your skateboard with any of the many amazing t-shirts from the brand. 100% cotton means they are really comfortable to wear.

A team that consists of names such as Jesse Alba, Brighton Zeuner, Chris Milic and Luis Ouida brings valuable input about the boards as well as the rest of their range. There are a lot of signature skateboards to choose from. Most have a popsicle shape, but there are also other styles to choose from.

Frog Skateboards aren't too serious

Probably the only thing they take seriously is the quality of their product. Designed for comfort and singularity, their products come in varied colours which are sure to stand out. The designs are clever and unlike any other mainstream motives. There are also a few more discreet hoodies with a little print on the front as well as t-shirts with printing only on the back. Not all feature a graphic, some just have their name on.

Above all, the garments are very comfortable to wear. If you want a skateboard or clothes with that little extra, this brand is a good alternative. Buy your skateboard, t-shirts and more, here at Junkyard.

Get the Frog you want

Being well-known for Frog skateboards decks they also have several good accessories. For example, they have several hats with nice logos in skate style. These are made of 100% acrylic which is a form of yarn. It is a very delicate material that should not be washed in more than 40 degrees. Other garments that they also design are swim shorts in several different colours. Perfect for lazy summer days in the park or down on the beach.

For quirky, unique designs designed by skateboarders, Frog is absolutely a favourite. If you are looking for a skateboard or clothes with that little extra, here is a really good alternative. At Junkyard, you can click home several beautiful garments