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The Birth of Enjoi

Enjoi was born from the creativity of pro skater Marc Johnson with support from Rodney Mullen. Focusing on skateboards, they have been known to branch out into clothing items and apparel, and have a large fan following. Known as one of the best brands available, their products are made of quality materials and workmanship. Always conscious of the world around them, they support the Regrowth Sustainability Mission. This means that more than 3 tree saplings are planted for every tree they use to produce Enjoi Skateboards. Enjoi Skateboards reflect their respect for the planet.

Enjoi Has a Deck for Everyone

One of the coolest things about this brand is their recognition that not everyone is born an expert skater. Beginners and expert skaters alike can enjoi their boards. Enjoi has a wide selection of high-quality, complete skateboards that are ideal for beginners as they include everything you need to get started skating. Junkyard makes it simple for newbies and novices to get their first Enjoi deck by purchasing a complete skateboard.

The deck designs are original, primarily focusing on the “Happy Panda” and wrestling heroes. Many of these designs come as a signature skateboard by Enjoi skaters. Understated is not a word used to describe these decks!

Looking the Part

Enjoi are known for more than just their skateboards. They have a complete clothing line designed with practical skating in mind. You can dress in an Enjoi hoodie, t-shirt, pants, and more. Focused on time honoured classic fits, the sleek polo shirts are true to fit and feature a half zip.

A Enjoi classic short sleeve crew t-shirt is made of soft and stretchy yarn-dyed, 100% cotton. Try a Spanish-influenced striped tee with Enjoi embroidery on the chest to ensure maximum comfort and fit. It's perfect to wear under one of your favourite hoodies.

Enjoi the best in skateboards

The excellent pop, durability, and mild concave are what skaters love about Enjoi decks. Their decks are highly recommended for their versatility, as their concave allows for comfortable riding and good flips in all sorts of street skating. The boards have a sturdy feel to them thanks to the Resin 7 construction. Looking after your board when you are not riding is made easy with Dufflin travel bag. Designed to carry your board, it has an adjustable and removable strap and 2 carrying handles. Straps hold additional boards on the bottom of the bag.

The Panda logo is sported on many of their desks. Panda bears symbolise appreciation, playfulness, gentle strength, and enjoying life. This is exactly what you can expect from an Enjoi skateboard.

Enjoi the Ride!

Enjoi skateboards are a high-quality, long-lasting alternative for all levels of street skaters. It's easy to see why Enjoi has remained popular throughout the years, with some of the most famous skateboarders in history having ridden for them at one point or another. With so much boasting power, isn’t it time that you treated yourself to one of Enjoi skateboards great boards or something from their clothing line?

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