Dr. Martens Boots

Although Dr. Martens made its debut into the mainstream in the 1960s, the brand had been around two decades before that. The boots were designed and created by Dr Klaus Märtens after he injured his foot while skiing. He found that his army-issue boots exasperated his injury and were uncomfortable. He partnered with his friend turned business associate, Dr Herbert Funck, to improve on his designs. Alas, the boot we know and love today was born. It provides sui generis support thanks to its air-tight compartments that cushion the foot. For a summer look, you can go ahead and check out our Dr. Martens sandals.

The Best Of Dr. Martens Shoes

Today, Dr. Martens is known all around the world and has since outgrown its modest beginnings. The brand's identity now revolves around rebellion and self-expression, making it the perfect trademark for creatives, explorers and risk-takers around the globe. Although the boots have been at the centre stage since the brand's inception, some great shoe designs have cropped up. Like the boots, Dr Martens shoes are as comfortable and come in various designs, colours and materials.

You can find various iconic designs such as 1461 at Junkyard, which is chalked off as the "low" version of the 1460 boots. Check out our fitted caps section to find an accessory that would match perfectly with your 1461 shoe.

Dr. Martens Sandals For Warm Weather

As mentioned, Dr. Martens sandals would be a superb addition to your summer fits. The brand's AirWair technology has also been incorporated into the sandals to give you that comfy and bouncy feel that is synonymous with their soles. A summer short would match impeccably with our line of sandals, be sure to pass by the shorts sections and have a look.

You are, however, not limited to sandals during the summer. You can switch up your looks with Dr. Martens boots. They are just as ideal as denim pants and graphic tees for the warm weather. Try out different colours with your fits, such as the white and maroon boots which match seamlessly with summer ensembles.

Dr. Martens Chelsea Boots And Lace Ups

Dr. Martens boots range in style and design from lace-ups to Chelsea boots. One of the most renowned lace-up boots is the signature 8-eye 1460 boot that started it all. It carries all of the brand's trademarks, including a stiff and smooth leather upper, the quintessential AirWair, cushioned sole and, of course, the classic contrasting yellow stitching. You can style your boots with a myriad of pants and tops depending on the look you're going for. Adding accessories such as mesh caps would also go a long way in achieving your look.

Other variations of the boot include the 10-eye 1490, the ankle-high 6-eye 101, and the Chelsea boots. The sleek silhouette of the Chelsea boots makes a perfect match with fitted pants, long coats and fitted caps.

Dr. Martens - A Wardrobe Must Have From Junkyard

Dr. Martens has indubitably solidified its position as a cultural icon in today's society. Whether you are a fashion buff or are simply looking for a durable day-to-day working shoe, owning a pair is almost imperative. If you don't already own a pair, you can start your collection with Dr. Martens sandals to experience the comfort Dr Klaus Märtens intended for the shoe when he first created it.

We have just touched the tip of the iceberg on what we have to offer from Dr. Martens. Browse our collection from the shoe brand to explore different shoe styles, materials and colourways.