Drink From A Branded Dime Mug or Store Your Essentials

When you want to shop for all things unique and high-quality, shop the Canadian brand Dime. You can conveniently shop for the Canadian brand's clothing and accessories on Junkyard, too. Shoppers in Canada and the US are lucky to get free shipping. One of the accessories you can buy is socks. Dime socks are made of 100 percent cotton which will keep your feet dry. They are ankle socks with ribbing along the length of them which helps to hold their shape for longer. The mugs are also popular. Use them to drink or hold pens and other such items on your desk. They also make a great gift.

Stay Warm With Cozy Jackets From Dime

Dime will keep you warm and cosy during the cold seasons. The parka jacket will also keep you dry thanks to the 100 percent waterproof nylon it is made of. The hood that has the name of the brand printed along its length is also waterproof. It can be tightened with a drawstring for a close fit. So can the waist so no cold air or rain will be getting to you. You will also love the mix of colours on the jackets.

Refresh your wardrobe with jeans from Denim for men and women. Made of cotton, they fit true to size and have a relaxed fit. The Dime label has pride of place at the front and at the back. You can shop the range at Junkyard.

Stay Warm And Look Good With Beanies From Dime

When you are dressing down or when it is cold, get a Dime beanie on. You'll stay warm and look cool with the brand's beanies. Play it down with a grey and black beanie or add a splash of fun colours such as with one that is black and yellow or black and orange. Shop the beanie collection at Junkyard.

Whether it's for a workout or a casual dress day, you can never go wrong with t-shirts. However, not all tees are made equal. Log onto Junkyard and shop for stylish, quality Dime tees. Options include the stay-dry polyester warp sports tees, cotton plaid, or the classic train tees to name just a few.

Other Dime Pants and Jeans

The Dime brand also has you covered when it comes to bottoms. Go for twill pants in solid colours or a custom digitally printed pattern like a puzzle pattern. Or, choose Range that are made of nylon and spandex with an elastic waist and hem. Classic sweatpants made of heavy cotton are another option. On warm days when you'd rather be in shorts, go for the brand's shorts in 100 percent polyester or cotton French terry. A drawstring at the waist will give you a fit that is as loose or snug as you like.

The summer 2021collection that's available at Junkyard includes an update of the jeans. Made of heavyweight cotton denim, they come with a patch and logos that are embroidered. The curved back points are a unique detail.

Shop The Dime Collection From Junkyard

Apart from jeans, you will love other updates that are available from the Summer 21 Lookbook. Made to go with classics like Dime socks, the Lookbook includes men's short-sleeved shirts with unique prints and men's short-sleeved polo t-shirts. Ladies can take their pick of short-sleeved tees, polo shirts and their own short-sleeved shirts as well. These can be paired with the new look jeans, unisex puzzle print pants, jackets and caps.

Clothing brands are a dime a dozen but only Dime has fun, whimsical pieces that will make your casual, dress-down days stylish and interesting. Shop the range from Junkyard, sit back and wait for delivery right to your doorstep.