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Iconic Footwear from Clarks Shoes

Their story started in 1825 when the Clark brothers made a satisfying and functional shoe from off-cuts of discarded sheepskin. For its time, it was momentous—a mix of development and craftsmanship seldom seen before, bringing comfort and fit. In the almost 200 years they have been making shoes, they have designed over 22,000 styles! Each pair of Clarks shoes starts with a single block of wood, cut by hand. The high-level development methods and technology help create these tailor-made, timeless shoes. From Clarks boots and shoes, you get quality & comfort as standard.

Clarks are Innovating Footwear Pioneers

One style that needs to be mentioned is the Wallabees line. The style is simple and clean and is an icon in the Clarks selection for its authentic design. Finished with Clarks' signature crepe sole, the lace-up Clarks Wallabees feature a clean and simple design from suede. The suede is water and stain treated to keep them looking good. The high design ensures a comfortable fit. Our collection comes in a variety of colours.

When Clarks first started manufacturing shoes they were the first shoe to be foot-shaped! They have continued to study feet and what makes a comfortable and long-wearing shoe. This is a characteristic you will find in each one of their designs.

Iconic Footwear for the Ages

Clarks' footwear has redefined the footwear industry and set a new standard followed by many. Introduced in 1950 by Nathan Clark and still in high demand today—just like it was when it first hit the market. Clarks men's shoes are available in a variety of cosy and satisfying designs, enabling everyone can look and feel great in their shoes. These shoes are timeless.

Refresh your wardrobe for the season with our latest men's shoes. The collection introduces new designs as well as seasonal updates to your existing favourites as inspired by the catwalk. An impressive collection of boots, shoes and sneakers made with expert craftsmanship.

Clarks is an Enduring Icon

Invest in the materials that contribute to Clark's longstanding reputation of craftsmanship. All of their designs offer cushion comfort, hand-in-hand with quality. The Trek Mule has a half leather sock-liner and a strap with a metal buckle and tassel at the top. They feature a Forest Stewardship Council® certified sole. The products are made using a combination of materials sourced from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials, and/or wood procured from FSC managed forests. The Trek Mule slipper is as perfect for around the house as it is for running errands.

It is easy to understand how Wallabees have become an icon. The crepe sole structure provides long-lasting durability. The material is open-pored and therefore has an excellent grip on slippery surfaces.

Ready for Adventure

Always ready for life's adventures with a range of silhouettes from our men's boots collection including classic Clarks boots, lace-up styles and their iconic desert boots. These are the styles that will see you through every season, whatever the weather. Dessert a style of Clarks boots are great in most weather and can keep your feet in relative warmth should the mercury drop down on a spring night.

Refresh your wardrobe for the season with our latest Clarks shoes. Our collection of designs as well as seasonal updates to your existing favourites as inspired by the catwalk.