Burton Snowboard Clothing

Burton is one of the most recognisable brands in the world of snowboarding or winter sports generally. Since the company was founded in 1977, it has evolved to cater to a wider audience. The Burton clothing brand has been key in snowboarding's growth and revolution during and after the sport's induction into the Olympics in 1998. The brand has also gone as far as designing and producing Olympic uniforms for the US snowboarding team. At Junkyard, we feature an array of Burton outerwear that is perfect for sporting ventures and any other outdoor activities.

Burton For The Winter

Once the winter rolls around, most people tend to get snug in their homes and avoid the outdoors altogether. With Burton outerwear, you can beat the cold-weather blues and pave way for some fun outdoor activities. If you are a snowboarding pro or enthusiast, Burton was founded specifically for you! With thermo-regulating Living Lining® and GORE-TEX waterproofing, you're sure to stay warm even as you're hitting the snow. When it gets too cold to snow, grab a Burton travel bag and head where adventure calls.

As you explore the winter outdoors, we have got you covered, head to toe. Browse our collection of Burton men's pants to maintain your warmth and comfort during your cold-weather ventures.

Ready For The Great Outdoors?

Although Burton outerwear is synonymous with the winter, there are some great activities you can enjoy during the other seasons, all while rocking the brand. Our collection features some great apparel that will protect you from the elements as you explore the outdoors. Go ahead and grab yourself a pair of dungarees from Junkyard, which are perfect for a hike or camping trip.

A great substitute for snowboarding is mountain biking. Whether you're up for a cross-country, all-mountain or downhill ride, our selection has what you need. If you prefer traversing the trails while jogging instead, go ahead and browse through our sneakers collection for stable and comfortable options.

Everyday Burton Outerwear

The Burton brand is considered as an equal part adventure and everyday wear. Regardless of whether you would like to enjoy some downtime after snowboarding or simply going out for a walk, a Burton fit highlights timeless style. The bomber jackets at the Junkyard selection are stylish, functional and pair seamlessly with everyday outfits, especially in the face of a cold or windy day. You can also tap into the sports-luxe or athleisure trend by throwing on some sweatpants and a Gore-Tex Banshey jacket.

Our Burton jackets come in a variety of colours, styles and patterns to suit your preferences and the look you would like to achieve. Check out our men's pants to find the perfect combination.

Explore Great Offers On Burton

As you may have seen by now, the Burton clothing brand has cemented its significance in both sports and everyday wear. Burton's clothing is built for comfort in the outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions. Layering the right apparel from the brand can greatly add to your ensemble, all while helping to combat harsh weather. On the other hand, you can also enjoy outdoor sports with absolutely no worries.

With that said, you can go ahead and browse some of the amazing offers we have on Burton outerwear and pick the apparel that fits your preferences and style.