Brixton - It Started with a Hat

In 2004 in a garage in Oceanside, California, a hat called The Hooligan was made. This was the beginning of Brixton, a clothing company that manufactures timeless apparel aimed at appealing to a diversity of cultures. Brixton Clothing wanted to unite people from a variety of lifestyles and is inspired by art, music, exploration, and adventure and the people it involves. Their name is inspired by music, being taken from a song from The Clash. They take inspiration from the world around them and this comes through in the motley of designs and use of colour and fabric in their garments.

The Goal of Brixton is Simple — Bring People Together

If there is one item which people around the world love, it is a t-shirt. Brixton have an eclectic collection which suit people from every walk of life. There is a large variety of shapes and designs, starting with the basic Brixton t-shirt. It comes in a short and long sleeve, it is normal fit with a ribbed crewneck and a front pocket. Made from 100% cotton, it is easy to care for and remains a timeless item.

The range of sweaters up for grabs is no less impressive in its variety. Available in both knitted and conventional fabric blends, you will be able to keep the chill away no matter what activity you are engaging in.

Blended with Comfort and Style

When you wear a Weekender Hoodie, the vibe is casual and comfortable. Made with cotton and poly pigment garment dye, it features spandex at sleeve cuffs, waistband, and neckband for need-now comfort. It sports a drawstring hoodie and a kangaroo pocket. It is typical of a Brixton hoodie for casual style and ultimate comfort.

Brixton's t-shirts are made for personal style. From sleek cuts to casual loose fit, the assortment ensures that everyone is catered for. This extends to the graphics used, from the very basic, to big and bold. These shirts are perfectly paired with your favourite pants or jeans, over-layed with a Brixton flannel shirt.

Brixton On the Pursuit of Experience

All of Brixton’s apparel begins with a classic silhouette and rework it to fit the needs of modern living. Styles used in workwear, such as mariners, cowboys and labourers, bring inspirations bringing t-shirts into a modernised era with style. These garments bring experience into the present with flare. This comes through in their head gear, with bringing you hats that are functional and stylish hats adding the perfect finish to an outfit. This is just another area where their love for counterculture shines through.

Sweatshirts and hoodies have become an essential item in everybody’s closet, alone with the humble sweater. Brixton sweaters have a clean look, a versatile-fit crew and many sport a hooded fleece.

Clothing to Stand the Test of Time

The inspiration behind the brand has ensured that time-tested garments need not disappear from our fashion. With designs borrowed from the past, Brixton Clothing has ensured their place in the future. The impressive range covers everything from headwear to pants, in a way that is sure to suit everyone’s taste and love of fashion. At Junkyard you will find a vast collection of everything you need, whatever the season and whatever the activity.

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