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Axion is back!

This iconic brand skateboard brand is once again available. Axion shoes have been part of skating history since the 1990s. The company was started in 1998 by Kareem Campbell, following his vision of a technically advanced skate shoe company. At the time, the footwear was very much in demand, featuring an elevated level of style. The relaunch of Axion has shown that the original philosophies are still in play. This was the brand that everyone was talking about and wanted to wear. Now the legendary footwear is back for you to enjoy again.

Axion Footwear Vision

Axion sneakers have rereleased some of their most influential skateboard sneakers. The limited release issue of the Axion Genesis Ltd 500 is a reissue of the 1998 original Guy Mariano signature shoe. Featuring breathable meshed panels, collar and lining, reflective highlights, and branding, it comes with Axion resistant (APR) cushioning for comfort. These sneakers also have optional hidden lacing for ollie protection. They have always claimed "We know what you want" and it looks like they were right!

The Majik is a 100% vegan, sustainable shoe. The rubber outsole features the AXION-PRISM tread pattern which provides a grip and board feel. The ultimate fit and comfort of these shoes come from the internal sock-like construction, which is made from 3D mesh for breathability.

Axion Set The Bar

Axion footwear was established with the philosophy of "striving to set the bar, not follow it, giving skateboarders what they've been missing". This showed in their shoes then, as it does today. The legacy returns with a revival of new skateboard footwear with an upgrade on the goods you remember.

Amplify your board feel and boarding-inspired style with a fresh pair of Axion Hampton sneakers. These are low-top silhouettes with a skate-focused minimal approach. The Vamp overlay panels provide skate protection and the PRISM tread provides board feel and extra grip. The Axion APR insole and rubber outsole adds extra comfort and durability.

Axion for the perfect fit

The Axion Complex range is the ultimate in comfort and foot protection. Sporting Ortholite insoles cushioning for comfort and performance and gel impact. With cool reflective detailing in the suede/mesh uppers, they make a statement. The rubber outsole provides grip and durability. These sneakers come with Ghillie laces which are known for being strong and hard-wearing. They are fitted with optional hidden lacing, so they are not going to ruin that perfect trick. Available in Low, Future, and Low Future, there is a kick for everyone.

Axion were known for technical simplicity. This is still true today. The classic sneakers continue to look as slick as before, with the added advantages technology has brought to footwear technology.

Axion Footwear Takeover

In their own words, Axion is ready for a worldwide takeover like it's the good old days. With the original creator Kareen Campbell on board, the original attitude is solid. Derrick Wilson and Pro-riders Kechaud Johnson and Micky Pappa bring their expertise to the brand. The time has arrived to bring back Axion shoes and the limited edition releases are sure to excite fans of the brand, old and new. This lightweight, highly functional, performance-driven footwear can be yours now!

Axion footwear is available now from Junkyard. Recently relaunched, you can own your pair of acclaimed sneakers and be part of the legendary skating footwear brand. Get the latest styles delivered to your door.